Bali: Telaga Waja Rafting

Bali: Telaga Waja Rafting

The walk down from the starting point to the river where the rafts are waiting takes around 5 minutes. After everyone assembles at the river/raft location, the professional rafting guide/s, well versed in the Telaga Waja river condition will brief you on the river condition, safety measures and the correct and safe way to raft down the river. As well you are given paddling practice. Around 10.30 am the adventure starts. For approximately 2 hours you shoot down an exhilarating 14 kilometers of fast-moving water and continuous rapids, twisting and turning as it rushes through narrow gorges and steep canyon to terraced plains where you may encounter children playing in shallow waters near the riverbanks. You encounter a nice mixture of wild country and fantastic jungle of unspeakable natural beauty. Expert river guides and modern safety equipment ensures that the day is fun and safe for all the family. Throughout the trip the guides not only skillfully maneuver the rafts, but also take time to pass on their knowledge on local Balinese lifestyle and the local flora and fauna of the Telaga Waja River valley. Photographers follow the adventure, documenting the event as you go along. At the departure point the photos are on display to view and purchase if you desire. After the exhilarating experience you can shower and freshen up in the amenities area and change into dry clothes before moving onto the Balinese Bamboo Restaurant to feast on mouthwatering local delicacies while enjoying the surrounding panoramic views. At around 1.30 pm. lunch is over and it’s time to return to your hotel or villa. Through the whole trip birdwacthing or birding is possible.

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