We are present to design, build and creatively produce a great training programs, events and adventure trips. We are constantly focusing on innovating, deliver personal and unique experiences that are beyond expectation and create long term loyal relationships as a partner.


  • Through training products and services revealing creative awareness and sharing universal value (peace, respect, love, cooperation, happiness, honesty, humility, responsibility, simplicity, tolerance, freedom and unity).
  • Through event organizing; deliver the clients’ message to the public’s consciousness through events that target specific demographics, fulfills marketing requirements and improves customer relations.
  • Through adventure trip organizing providing private trip that continuously strive to exceed peoples’ expectations and provide innovative and enjoyable, quality trip throughout Indonesia that respect the environment and local culture.
  • Bring vision into reality, with discipline spirit and leadership principal which push every person in ID ADVENTURE® to grow and produce maximum result.


That every individual in the team is a facilitator of the universe and everyone is the source of re-creation, learning, inspiration or catalysts that perform and leads to success in the individual or team we serve.

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