Firewalking Indonesia® Definition

Firewalking Indonesia® is an organisation of committed men and women, enthusiast to provide high quality team buildings, training; events arrangement; and adventure trip organising. This is us, summed in, Firewalking Indonesia®. The event is based mostly in outdoor and corporate event, the training is using experiential learning method; the adventure trip is always a private trip exclusive for a group. We are officially deliver creative program and service since July 2002 for public and corporate users.

Firewalking Indonesia® Belief

Firewalking Indonesia® was founded on August 24th, 1998. Firewalking Indonesia®  belief is that ‘Indonesia (ID) will win this adventurous journey and rough expedition stage’. Great People of Indonesia in this Great Land of Indonesia, the one that willing to do all the effort to transform himself from average zero to hero, from Good to GREAT will win. Those people are the one that knows that his red blood stands for courage and bravery and his white bone stand for the Sacred, the Truth. Those people are the one who are brave and willing to take all the risk because they are right and standing for what is true, the value, the same value of Indonesia founding father once believes. United we are strong, divided we fall, this is ‘Our Belief’.

Firewalking Indonesia® Goal

Firewalking Indonesia® goal is simple – to share commitment and spirit of excellence through sharing peak performance experience and building awareness in unique adventurous atmosphere whether it is in training, event or adventure trip. Firewalking Indonesia® growth profile has been exceptional. To date, over 500 request and increasing per year, asking for training; events arrangement; and adventure trip organising.

Firewalking Indonesia® Dream

At Firewalking Indonesia®, we serve a high quality life experience in training camp; events arrangement; and adventure trip organising, we put our best effort to go beyond your expectation, making sure through all that YOU find deeper and more awareness, abundance, creative, and build peace relation with, friend, family, professional relation, and The Creator. We want YOU to experience a transforming life. We want YOU to be the part of GREATER WORLD. this is ‘Our Dream’. To achieve that goal, we built this site with YOU in mind.

Thank you for choosing Firewalking Indonesia®

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