ID ADV – Job Seeker Training

ID ADV – Job Seeker Training

Professional Course Outline

Course Description :
Entering or performing re-entry to the job market might cause both thrill and fear to the job seekers. Competing with abundant fellow job seekers towards limited job entries and availabilities require a positive and competitive attitude. Curriculum Vitae (CV) and series of interviews will become filtering gateways towards new job opportunity. Unique values of a candidate will be examined through CV then later be examined through direct interviews. These two crucial points are often neglected by the candidates. Through this course, participants will understand the essentials in building a CV and be enriched with various techniques and strategies to deal with interviews and interviewers. The knowledge will transform the participants to become an excellent candidate.

Objectives :
– Able to possess high self confidence and motivated to success.
– Able to describe strength factors into a structurized CV.
– Able to focus in dealing with questions during interview process.
– Understands “hidden agenda” in every question and provide satisfactory answers.
– Able to create “wow” effect in an interview.

Who Should Attend :
– Jobseekers and professionals who are preparing to enter or performing re-entry to the job market.

Self Assessment
Understanding yourself and your goals
Comfort Zone vs Potency
CV Building Technique
CV definition from applicant perspective
CV definition from employer perspective
CV Writing Concept
General information
Educational background information
Working experience information
Job seeker strength point
CV Writing Tips & Trick
CV Selling Technique
Do’s and Don’t s
Technique & Tactics in Facing Interviews
Step by step in speaking and presentation strategy
How to present your potencies
Secrets and techniques in providing answers toward difficult questions
How to read interviewers body language and provide positive response
The winning strategy to win salary negotiation
Recognizing various interviewer’s type
How to convince your interviewer

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